Did you know that your body’s ability to burn calories while sitting down on the couch doing nothing decreases by 1-2% per decade? This is due to muscle mass loss, which also happens with age and increased fat mass.

It can be challenging to lose weight with age, but there are many steps you can take to do it. Today, we are going to talk about the best way to lose weight after 50.

The Challenge

When you turn 50, losing weight can become a challenge for a couple of key reasons. Your metabolism is slowing down every decade, hormone levels drop for women in menopause, and there’s a much more significant risk of nutritional deficiencies.

There are also so many choices we face in a day, from what to eat, to if we have the energy to exercise to how much sleep we get that can all affect losing weight and can either keep us on track to throw us off our goal.

You want to set up a healthy foundation that will help you progress and keep you on track in your weight loss journey. You need to set a routine that best fits your lifestyle, and professional help is a good place to start.

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The Best Way to Lose Weight After 50

We are going to walk through 7 of the top tips to lose weight after you turn 50. Remember, you’re 50 years young, and you can achieve weight loss. You just need to create a healthy routine and stick to it!

Let’s get to work:

1. Speed Up Your Metabolism

Once you turn 20, your metabolism slows by 2% every decade. So, burning fat takes more time, and you have to be patient with your body. A few tips to speed up your metabolism and put in some work to prevent it from slowing is standing instead of sitting whenever possible.

A few eating tips include drinking green tea, which can burn 100 calories and maintain your metabolism. Eat a lot of eggs because they give you all the essential amino acids your body needs to boost your metabolism with protein.

Lastly, start your morning with coffee. Coffee can help speed up your metabolism, letting you can start your day off right. Note that you shouldn’t add sugar or cream because this will be harder to burn off.

2. Healthy Diet

If you want to maintain a healthy diet, your mantra should be to take everything in moderation and find a balance. You don’t want nutritional deficiencies. Intermittent fasting can not only help your metabolism but can also give some rest to your stomach.

Protein is essential to help with muscle-degeneration, which is common as you age. Vegetables will give you the feeling of being full, and you will end up eating fewer carbohydrates.

A common misconception is that skipping meals will help you lose weight, but this isn’t the case. Snacking during the day will help you maintain your muscle mass and high energy leading to a healthy metabolism.

3. Exercise Routine

Cardio is important, but strength training is even more important for adults. Making sure that you take the time to work out every day and stay motivated is extremely important.

As you get older, your muscle mass declines. It’s called sarcopenia. The loss of this muscle mass begins around 50 and can slow your metabolism as well.

Not only does your muscle mass decline each year, so does your muscle strength by 1.5-5% per year. So, it’s key to add muscle-building exercises to your workout routine to reduce muscle loss and help with healthy body weight. These exercises include weightlifting and bodyweight exercises.

You can see there’s a variety of great at-home strength training exercises for women over 50.

4. Check On Your Hormones

It’s essential to get your hormones checked as a woman in menopause. If you get your thyroid, adrenal glands, and other hormone levels checked and take steps to bring the hormones back into balance, it can help with weight loss for people in their 50s.

The hormone to focus on for women over 50 trying to get fit is testosterone. If you have a good amount of testosterone levels, it can help you slim down. Testosterone reduces blood glucose levels, which can help you with weight loss.

5. Hydrate

Water should be the most important part of your daily routine and diet. Women tend to drink juice, pop, or other sugary drinks that will affect their weight loss goals. If you avoid beverages with added sugar, such as pre-made smoothies, it can help prevent you from drinking away your calories.

Drinking water is vital for weight loss at every age, and very important when you are incorporating strength training into your routine. You need to keep yourself hydrated. You can buy water bottles that measure out how much you should drink a day for you to help.

6. Realistic Goals

Focus your energy on how you’re feeling and the positive changes you’re making in your daily routine. Don’t focus on the number on the scale; this can be discouraging and won’t help motivate you.

If you set a goal to lose 20 pounds before your next vacation on the beach, this is unrealistic and is unhealthy. Make sure to pat yourself on the back for the small victories every day; this will help you stay motivated and achieve your goals.

7. See Your Doctor

It’s very important in your 50s to check in with your doctor and make sure you’re staying healthy and that your plan for weight loss will help your body. Your doctor can also test hormone levels for women going through menopause, so you know what actions to take to increase them.

They can also help walk you through any medicines or supplements you should be taking to help with your routine and overall health.

Set Your Routine

As you can see, there are a lot of tips on the best way to lose weight after 50. The key is to find the right routine that’s best for you and your body.

Try setting up your daily exercise routine and logging your food. This small step might help you keep track of your journey, and stay on the right foot.

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