What if menopause was the beginning of an amazing new life?

Many women hate how menopause changes their bodies. This is especially true when it leads to unexpected weight gains.

However, it’s possible to follow a few simple tips and actually shed the pounds after menopause. Keep reading to learn the secrets of how to lose weight after menopause!

1. No Low-Calorie Diets

At first, losing weight after menopause seems simple. Because you need to consume fewer calories, many women think that the answer is a low-calorie diet.

Ironically, this is one of the worst things you can do. These kinds of diets can lead to a reduction in both your muscle mass and your metabolic rate.

If you’re not careful, these diets can lead to bone loss. Over time, this can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis. 

Fortunately, this only happens when you cut calories to an extreme degree. You can cut calories more safely by using portion control or embracing other diets that help boost your metabolism.

2. Get Physical

Some of the tips for post-menopause weight loss are similar to pre-menopause tips. For example, increasing your physical activity can help you shed pounds in a safe and productive manner.

Frequent movement and exercise helps to retain muscle tone. Aerobic exercises provide a great way for you to decrease body fat. And resistance training, in particular, can also improve your lean body mass.

With a combination of aerobic and resistance training, you can fight body fat while improving muscle mass. Your post-menopausal body is going to look better than you ever imagined with the right exercise regimen.

3. Track It

It’s easy to say you’ll get more exercise. However, it can be tough to tell if you’re actually burning enough calories each day.

That’s why our next tip is nice and simple: you need to start tracking every bit of your diet and exercise.

Numerous smartphone apps make it easy to keep track of your calorie consumption each day. This helps you find things you can cut out of your diet (like sweets and soda) that fill you up with empty calories.

We also recommend getting a smartwatch or another fitness device. Such a device can track your movement each day and measure how many calories you have burned.

Between tracking calories consumed and calories burned, you’ll be able to safely lose weight each week.

4. No Beer, No Belly

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but there’s one habit you should kick right away for real weight loss results. We’re talking, of course, about alcohol consumption.

While some spirits are better than others in terms of calories, all alcohol is filled with empty calories. And most drinkers consume alcohol at night, giving you little to no time to burn off the excess calories through physical activity.

Furthermore, frequent drinking may lead to alcohol dependency. This can create a loop where you are drinking because you are gaining weight and gaining weight because you are drinking.

None of this means you have to kick booze for the rest of your life. However, cutting back for a while is a healthy shortcut to your weight loss goals.

5. Kick the Carbs

As long as we’re giving you the bad news, here’s a second dose: you really need to ditch those carbs.

Cutting down on carbs can help post-menopausal women reduce their body fat and waist size. And the good news is that your carb reduction doesn’t have to be very dramatic.

Instead of trying to cut carbs entirely, focus on reducing carb portions and overall carb intake. You may also see positive results by trying a paleo diet or other diet that focuses on carb reduction.

Numerous low-carb menus and recipes are available online. With any luck, you can ditch the carbs without ditching the flavors you love so much.

6. Hit the Snooze Button

Remember how your mother always told you to get more sleep? It turns out that this advice is especially important after menopause.

Disturbances in your sleep can effectively disturb your weight loss plan. Sleep disruptions affect things like your appetite, body fat, and overall energy level.

Unpleasant surprises such as hot flashes can also disrupt your sleep. And all of this disruption adds up to weight gain.

However, you can fight back by simply getting more sleep. Try going to bed earlier and sleeping in more in the mornings to help stave off the weight gain.

7. Support Network

Want to hear a real secret to post-menopausal weight loss? You’ll “get by” a lot better with a little help from your friends!

Your friends, family, and even colleagues can help you on your weight loss journey. This is because each one of them helps to keep you accountable to your exercise and diet-related goals.

If another friend is also trying to lose weight, don’t be afraid to turn it into a competition. See who can burn the most calories any given week or who can run a faster mile during the weekend.

Between added accountability and added competition, you’ll see results in no time.

8. Eat Those Veggies

Earlier, we mentioned the danger of a low-calorie diet. However, there is another special diet that is highly effective for weight loss: going vegetarian.

Simply cutting meat out of your diet can help you reduce your daily and monthly caloric intake. And if you’re willing to go vegan instead of vegetarian, you may see even quicker results.

If a full-on diet change doesn’t sound appealing, you can try substituting a few meaty males for veggies each week. This provides a pleasant change in diet while also boosting your overall health.

Lose Weight After Menopause: A Whole New You

Now you know how to lose weight after menopause. But do you know who can help you achieve your goals?

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