Are you currently trying to lose weight? Even so, the weight isn’t coming off no matter how long you have been dieting.

For the last five months, you have been trying to get rid of the extra 10 pounds, but it’s not going anywhere. If so, you might be making simple weight loss mistakes that’s keeping the pounds from coming off.

For example, people make one mistake by watching more than 10 hours of TV per week. Why does that matter? The more television you watch means, the less active you’re, making it harder for you to lose that ten extra pounds.

A simple mistake that you didn’t even realize you were making. Now down below, you’ll find eight more weight loss mistakes you’re probably making and how you can change them.

1. Working Out Too Much or Not Enough

A common weight-loss mistake many people make when first starting a weight loss program is exercising too much. Recent data suggest a workout of up to an hour every day or roughly 300 minutes per week is perfect for weight loss.

Of courses, you already know what happens when you exercise too little. However, too much exercise will lead to excess stress on the body, which is neither healthy nor sustainable. So, if you’re working more than 300 minutes per week, then give yourself a break.

Remember that exercising doesn’t always mean doing an hour in the gym every day. Instead, take short walks or perform low-impact exercises for your workouts.

2. Not Creating a Daily Meal Plan

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s essential for you to create a meal plan. It’s best to create a weekly menu of the meals you plan on eating throughout the week.

By doing so, you limit the risks of eating unhealthy foods and struggle to figure out what to eat for dinner. Then, when you have a weight loss provider help you create your weekly meal plans, you’ll never suffer through this problem again!

3. Never Following a Real Workout Plan

Another critical plan you’ll need to create to be successful in your weight loss journey is for your workout. When you start working out, you may often find yourself going to do gym playing on random equipment. You may also find yourself scrolling through workout videos on YouTube.

If you’re making this weight mistake, you can seek help to create a workout plan. Once again, a weight loss provider in Riverview, FL, can help you create a plan matching your fitness goals.

4. Setting Unrealistic Weight Loss Goals

Never start your weight loss journey with drastic changes you know you won’t be able to sustain. For example, when creating your weekly workout schedule, can you do two hours every day?

What about becoming a vegan and never eating meat again to help you lose weight! Is that a realistic weight loss goal for yourself?
If not, don’t try to set weight loss goals you know you won’t stick to. For example, instead of becoming vegan in one day, decide to eat plant-based meals twice out of the week.

5. Making Poor Weight Loss Diet Choices

Speaking of switching to a vegan diet, before you do, make sure it’s a sustainable diet you can follow. Maintaining your weight loss over a long period of time will require that you follow 70% of the diet you used to lose weight.

You will have a new normal, which will become a part of your life. So choose a weight-loss method you can see yourself doing 70% off in the future if you decide to do it. The wrong diet can yield results initially but backfire the second you decide to stop.

6. Skipping Meals

Be careful not to starve, and don’t overeat when trying to lose weight. Instead, eat to the point where you won’t be hungry at any time. This is the key! Never to feel hungry!

If you don’t eat enough and stay too hungry, your body will go into starvation mode. The brain believes that you cannot lose fat when your body switches to this mode since your body needs these resources to replace the nutrients you aren’t eating.

7. Assuming That Exercise and Food Alone Will Help You Lose Weight

Diet and exercise are important, but so is your lifestyle. Getting enough sleep, controlling your stress levels, and timing your meals contributes to losing weight and keeping it off. When you find diet and exercise are not enough to help you lose weight, it may be time to check other areas of your lifestyle.

8. You Consume Your Calories With Sugary Drinks

Your lack of weight loss may be due to sugary fruit juices, sodas, calorie-dense smoothies, and meal replacement drinks. Even though you are not chewing food, calories still count.

For example, one can of coke contains 150 calories and 39 grams of sugar, and if combined with a slice of pizza, you can consume over 750 calories within just one meal. See how quickly the calories add up when you add the sugary drink! Keep yourself hydrated with water. It will also help you recognize your hunger cues and control your appetite.

Now Let Us Help You Stop Making These Weight Loss Mistakes

Even if you try hard, you might not be able to lose weight by yourself. You may not be able to lose weight when this occurs due to another health concern.

Diana Roque is a weight loss provider who is devoted to helping her patients lead a healthy lifestyle. You can contact her clinic today to help you stop making these weight loss mistakes!