What is medically guided weight loss?

Medically guided weight loss is performed under the care of a physician with a thorough evaluation prior to any treatments being prescribed. Your physician will monitor your progress weekly to ensure that you are getting the full benefits of medically guided weight loss and losing weight at a suitable pace.

How does medically guided weight loss work?

We start with an evaluation by a physician to determine the best possible treatment for you. The evaluation includes state of the art Body Mass Index (BMI) analysis, EKG, and blood work. Once the appropriate treatment is decided, you can begin injection therapy right away.

How long do treatments take?

Most medically guided weight loss tends to work faster for men than it does for women. However, the difference is often negligible when you consider what the end results can bring you. There is no set timeframe for achieving your weight loss goals; however, in 6 weeks you can lose anywhere from 20-40 pounds safely and effectively.

How quickly will I see results?

Results are can usually be seen within a week of starting treatments. Proper diet and exercise will help speed up the appearance of physical results.

Is it safe?

Medical weight loss programs are considered safe when under the care of a trained physician.

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