Loss weight before your wedding Riverview, FLPlanning a wedding is often famously remembered as one of the most stressful and busy times in a bride-to-be’s life. There are so many different moving parts that go into making this one event the most memorable of her life that, often times, a bride will finally decide on the wedding dress of her dreams only to realize she may need to shed some extra pounds to fit into it. As a result, some women may choose to experiment with one of the many different types of risky and ineffective fad diets such as the wedding dress diet. We’ve all heard the reasons fad diets should generally be avoided, so what are some of the other methods out there we can use that offer better, longer lasting results and safer weight loss? We at Divine Weight Loss have the answers to your questions about wedding weight loss.

It’s Never too Late to Start a Wedding Diet

If you’re reading this then you may have already come daringly close to your wedding day while exhausting other options on your own. Fear not. With the right help, it’s never too late to start making strides towards your wedding day goals. Divine Weight Loss offers, three effective ways to kickoff your wedding diet plan with a bang and get you started down the right path, such as:

Optimum Energy Program – Our optimum energy program is a series of vitamin B12 and MIC (Methionine, Inositol, and Choline) injections designed to increase natural energy. Methione is an essential amino acid (meaning it cannot be synthesized by the body alone), while inositol and choline are also B vitamins that aid in fat burning. There are several reasons people may become deficient in any of the aforementioned which include but are not limited to: pregnancy, malabsorption diseases, stomach acid deficiency, old age, meat-free diets, alcoholism, liver disease, cancer, and consumption of aspirin-based, diabetic, or anti-convulsant medications. After your first visit, bi-weekly follow ups are recommended for best results.

Hormone Therapy – We are now teaming with Hormone Therapy Centers of America to offer bio-identical hormone pellet therapy for men and women. With this hormone therapy, a subcutaneous pellet is inserted under the skin which releases an identical version of the necessary hormones your body needs to function optimally. It will bring your hormones back into balance, and has no harmful side effects. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms you may be a candidate for hormone therapy: depression, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, decreased libido, memory loss, confusion, joint pain, hot flashes, or slow metabolism.

Your wedding deserves expert care.

At Divine Weight Loss we will be with you every step of the way. After your initial consultation, we will have you evaluated by a physician to determine the best treatment option available to you based on a thorough examination of your Body Mass Index, EKG, and blood work. We know your wedding day is special to you, and we want to help you realize your dream so that it can be absolutely perfect! Click here to schedule a consultation or call us on (813) 671-7560 today. Our professionals are standing by!