The new year is here and people are already lacing up their running shoes and making plans for a healthier future.

Unfortunately, most people with New Year’s resolutions don’t fulfill their goals due to self-doubt. Criticizing yourself when the results aren’t showing as quickly as you’d like could be the downfall of your success. 

If you want 2023 to be different, a few strategies will help you fulfill the best New Year’s resolutions. Keep reading to discover how you can stay on track and stick to your plans!  

Identify What You Want 

One of the first steps to succeeding in the best new year’s resolutions is identifying what you want. 

Do you want to lose 5 pounds, perhaps 30 pounds? Or are you trying to build muscle or tone your body? Think about what you want to do to feel more confident in your skin. 

Try to avoid negative self-talk, as this can impact your results. Write a list of areas on your body that you want to focus on. When you have a mindset of improving your health and feeling good, not just looking good, it’s easier to stick it out. 

Some people recommend creating virtual or physical vision boards. When you surround yourself with what you want, you can help turn it into a reality. 

The Best New Year’s Resolutions Are Specific 

The more specific you can get with your fitness goals, the easier it’ll be to stick to your resolutions. 

Unlike in the first step of identifying what you want, you need to go into detail about how you can get there. It helps to draw a timeline while determining your goals so you can map out the steps it’ll take to get there. 

If you spend time researching each step at the beginning of your lifestyle changes, you will notice results sooner. It’s okay if you need to make adjustments if your timeline no longer matches with the calendar, life happens and as long as you adapt, you’ll win in the end. 

Push Through Plateaus

Weight loss can be a long journey and if you get easily impatient, you may never reach your goals because of plateaus.

Most people see plateaus as a negative thing when they are trying to lose weight. Learning about why fitness plateaus happen, however, can give you motivation and help you cross the finish line. Most of the time, increasing your hydration can help you overcome the hill, but in some cases, you may need to make changes.

Instead of getting discouraged and going back to your old ways, push past these moments and use them as a chance to recollect yourself. Take a look at your timeline and how you’ve gotten to where you are. Seeing your improvement can put things into perspective and. help you discover solutions. 


When you start ticking off fitness goals on your checklist, you may get the urge to celebrate.

You don’t want to take 10 steps back by having a pizza party or splurging on some weekend drinks though. Find ways to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished, especially if you need motivation. Depending on your budget, you can buy new workout gear, join a local sports game, or go on a special hike. 

There are endless ways to acknowledge your success and it’s always good to have friends by your side. 

Monitor Your Eating Habits 

If you have a hard time controlling your eating habits, you may feel helpless before ever heading to the gym.

Instead of going hours a day without eating or avoiding certain foods altogether, eat in moderation. When you deprive your body of nutrients and good food, you increase the odds of binge eating. 

Unhealthy eating patterns may seem harmless at first, but they can damage more than your fitness goals. Eat well-balanced meals 3 times a day and don’t be afraid to snack on something nutritious. Your body will need the calories if you’re going to the gym and increasing your workout routines. 

Stay Away from the Scale 

Weighing yourself every day can harm your efforts toward losing weight.

Since it takes a few weeks to start noticing results, you don’t want to get discouraged just before the improvements take place. Instead of fixating on your number on the scale, pay attention to the way your body feels. 

Your organs, muscles, and endurance are better indicators of a healthy lifestyle than your weight. 

Make Healthy Eating Simple

Chips, fast food, and other unhealthy snacks are easy to eat and extremely accessible. 

Many people fall off track with their fitness goals because it’s easier to eat unhealthy foods. Not only are they easier to find, but they often cost less at the stores. 

Although it may seem like a healthy diet must be expensive, you can still make the most of your budget and time. By prepping fruits, veggies, and healthy snacks, you won’t go hungry and can follow your plans. 

Lose Your Weight & Guilt in 2023

There’s nothing worse than starting the year with the best intentions to lose weight, only to break into a bag of chips and candy a month later. 

If you’re sick of feeling ashamed and guilty about your goals, there are a few strategies that can help. You’ll accomplish the best new year’s resolutions by creating a timeline and having the right mindset. 

Don’t underestimate the impact of negative self-talk. When you feel good on the inside, you notice it everywhere else too. 

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