If you’re struggling to lose those last few pounds, you’re not alone. Even the healthiest people can have a hard knowing how to get rid of stubborn fat. The key to hitting your goal weight is finding something that you can stick to for the long haul.

From finding the right weight loss program to getting more shut-eye, we’ve rounded up 11 ways to help you get rid of those last few pounds and keep the weight off for good.

1. How to Lose Belly Fat at Home in 1 Week With a Weight Loss Program

Excessive weight is more than just a cosmetic problem. Being obese or overweight is a medical problem that can cause serious health conditions down the road.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been trying for years, a professional weight loss team can help. You’ll create a customize a personalized treatment plan. 

2. Share Your Goals

One of the best things you can do when you’re trying to lose weight is to tell people. If everyone around you knows you’re making healthy changes, they might be more encouraging and supportive.

Whether it’s your family or a designated friend, make someone in your life an accountability coach. This person can check in with you regularly and see how well you’re staying on track. Just a friendly text can be enough motivation to keep you going.

3. Get the Whole Family Involved

Losing weight with a big family or household can be difficult if no one else is participating. If you’re always cooking for yourself while your family eats takeout, it’s hard to stay motivated

Make eating healthy and being active a family affair. Ask your family to join you on walks, runs, or for a workout. Encourage your kids to get involved in cooking and meal prep. Make grocery lists together and swap recipe ideas. The more involved your family is, the more invested they will feel in your journey.

4. Track Your Success

Tracking your progress can help you stay on track. Whether you use an app or an old-fashioned pen and paper, write out the progress you make. Keep a log of the activity and workouts you do as well as your weight loss.

If pounds aren’t the most important thing, you can track how many days you cooked food or how many days you went for a run. Whatever will keep you motivated when you look back is worth jotting down.

5. Drink More Water

Water fuels your entire body. Drinking more water every day can help you feel fuller, stay hydrated, and help your skin on the inside and out. Hydration also helps to reduce inflammation and keep your blood sugar levels regulated.

6. Get Plenty of Rest to Lose Belly Fat

If you’re having trouble losing stubborn fat, your sleep patterns might be to blame. You need plenty of rest to help your body prepare for the next day. Sleep fuels everything from our muscles to our immune system.

If you’re overtired throughout the day, you’ll feel sluggish and less motivated. The more tired you are, the more your body will crave sugar and unhealthy foods as well.

7. Eat Whole Foods

Whole foods are foods that aren’t processed. Fruits and vegetables fall into this category. Organic, unprocessed meats, and whole foods you prepare at home, can help you cut down on sugar and sodium.

The more processed your food, the lower its nutritional value. A dietary professional can help you determine what foods can help you achieve your goals. They can also help you tailor a plan for your specific health issues. 

Make sure to check the labels of the food you’re buying as well. If you see too many ingredients you can’t pronounce, you probably shouldn’t be buying it. Fresh, whole foods are also always located on the perimeter of the store. Stick to the produce section and fresh meat and bakery counters.

8. Fiber-Rich Foods are Belly Fat Burners

The best foods to help you burn belly fat are foods that are rich in fiber. Fiber-rich foods include vegetables, fruit, lentils, beans, nuts, and seeds. Almonds, black beans, and oatmeal are all examples of foods that have a lot of fiber

9. Stay Active

While diet plays a big role in losing weight, if you aren’t working out or staying active, you may end up at a standstill. Staying active will not only help you lose weight, but it will help you keep it off.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to find a free, way to stay active outdoors. Walking, running, or practicing yoga, are all free activities that you can do almost anywhere. Even just ten minutes spent stretching in the morning can help you be more active during the day.

10. Meal Prep

Eating out can cost you a lot of money. In uncertain times, you may find yourself eating at home more often. Make the most of your time at home by cooking meals for yourself and your family.

One of the biggest hurdles to cooking is not having groceries at home. If you go to cook dinner and you don’t have anything fresh in the house, you’ll be far more likely to order in take-out or delivery.

Do some planning ahead and think about recipes you’d like to cook for the upcoming week. Include healthy, fresh snacks so you don’t grab potato chips out of habit. Consider making your own coffee at home as well. Blended coffee drinks can pack a ton of hidden calories.

11. Incorporate Strength Training

Strength training can help you with those hard to lose pounds. While cardio is a great fat-burner, building muscle will take you one step further. Muscle tissue actually burns more calories than fat tissue.

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat 101

Knowing how to get rid of stubborn fat is the key to getting over the weight-loss finish line. From staying active to eating fresh foods, there are a few easy lifestyle changes that can help you on your way.

If you’re ready to speak with a medical professional about your weight loss goals, fill out the contact form here. No matter where you are on your weight loss journey, support and guidance is only a phone call away.